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140 responses to Contact Us

  1. Why i can’t track my itens????

    I am really nervous!!!

    I am a good man, i going to buy a lot with you. I have 500 USD in orders to send you.

    But i need track these orders until pay the others. Thank you.





    • Dear Samuel

      we already contacted chinapost, they said wait for one day your package show will result, chinapost is always slow in updating online status of packages. so no worry 🙂

      If you have any further queries you can email to or can chat with our staff on msn and gtalk.
      Thank you

      • Hello! I sent an order form twice because you did not get the first one. Still I have no your confirmation. Is there any problems with receiving the messages?

        • dear tanya, we had received only one email and that was at 12 am mid night, at that time no taobao seller is online plus our office timing is over. so today our staff will ask sellers about items in stock or not then will reply back to you.

          Please note there is big time difference between china and bulgaria. That is why maybe you feel delay in reply to your email.

          Thank you

  2. Uma pergunta ao enviar, você enviam como gift. E a taxa de comissao até 54 dolares é 3 dolares fixo ou muda? Aquele valor do frete internacional também é fixo , ou muda? por exemplo 1,5 kg dá quanto apra o Brasil

  3. minha encomenda veio faltando a tela

  4. Quais são os preços de envio para Portugal por Registered Airmal?!

    • Dear Rocha please see below registered airmail shipping charges to Portugal

      0.5 kg ————– 7.10 USD
      1kg —————– 12.90 USD
      1.5kg ————— 18.70 USD
      2kg —————– 24.50 USD

  5. Oi!!

    Tem como voce me dizer como eu sei se o cd ou dvd são originais ou não, how it works?

  6. Wave, I ajudassem gostaria, no day pois 14 de fevereiro eu eo recebi as photos of uma rastreio number encomenda, that binds hoje eu só não I display anything, German desta feita foi uma outra purchase purchase less uma ou mais depois e tambem week I display nothing ate não agora, gostaria to know is alguma Aconteceu coisa shipping com ja relação ao tempo is Passou from a data demais da purchase?

    • Hello Anderson
      along with final payment email that includes weights, shipping charges and pictures we had also sent you paypal request but you did not pay till now that is why we did not ship your package till now. Please accept our paypal request.

      Or if you want please email us at then our staff will send you paypal request again.

      Thank you

  7. Friend, mizuno shoes (black with orange) eat what day?

    • Dear Ricardo
      We informed you that for any order related questions please always ask our staff on msn chat, gmail chat or email at
      Any question asked about order is directly deleted from our website.
      Thank you

  8. Dear, I received the activation e-mail but did not receive the activation key

    • Hello, it needs our staff authorization, our staff has accepted your new account request, please try to login now.
      Thank you

  9. Hello,

    I would buy this product:

    Can you tell me how much it cost to send the cheapest way to The Netherlands

    Sorry for my bad Inglés'm dutch,


  10. 1137g RA314460668CN
    1162g RA314460671CN
    Shipping fee: 41.93 USD
    With paypal fee: 43.94 usd
    Please send check Request / Gullei you sent me the value of freight a while ago, yeah I’ve already paid for a while now I want the tracking number for two weeks is already fazen I do not even know if you sent the goods!

  11. Ola Boa noite , estou querendo fazer comprar pelo taobao queria uma informaçao completa de como efetuar a compra , tenho muitas duvidas .
    Estou começando do zero quais sao os passos e por favor qual o prazo de entrega de um produto , o tipo e forma de pagamento e o serviço que voces prestam ?

    I look back

    se possivel enviar a resposta também para meu email.

    • Dear Bruno

      1. First you will fill our orderform, download orderform from http://WWW.GULLEITAOBAOAGENT.COM/GULLEI_ORDERFORM.XLS
      2. Email orderform to
      3. We will check if items in stock or not, then we will send you invoice in excel sheet. If you want to pay then tell us, we will send you paypal request. you can also pay through western union, moneygram, bank transfer.
      4. Once we receive payment, then we will purchase your items, with normal local shipping your once seller will ship items we will receive in 3 to 4 days. Then we will pack your items, weigh them, take pictures(we have right to not to take pictures if our staff is too busy.). then we will send you Final Payment email along with package weights and Tracking Numbers. and will also send you paypal request.
      5. Once we receive Final Payment, we will ship your packages.

      – Normally Brazil customers uses Registered airmail as shipping method, because its cheaper and less chances of getting taxed, its normal delivery time to brazil is 19 to 23 days.

      0.5kg ———- 9.67 USD
      1kg ———- 18.30 USD
      1.5kg ———- 27.09 USD
      2kg ———- 35.08 USD
      SAL SHIPPING CHARGES TO BRAZIL (Weight is charged per kg)
      2KG ———- 24.51 USD
      3KG ———- 40.49 USD
      4KG ———- 48.59 USD

      if any confusion then you can chat with our staff on msn chat:
      and gmail chat:

  12. Friend, check which of the two shoes mizuno wave, the seller has the size (42.5):

    2º MIZUNO,0:1329865668_4z2_576235810

    In these two links below, you can see which of the two shoes nike shox, has the size (43):

    2° / item.htm?id=12622105157

    After you answer the sizes of shoes, I’ll pick a shoe and then buy, ok?Thanks!

  13. Tem ideia de quanto ficaria o frete de 2 cds para o Brasil??
    acho que o peso de 2 cds é menos de 400 grams.

      0.5kg ———- 9.67 USD
      1kg ———- 18.30 USD
      1.5kg ———- 27.09 USD
      2kg ———- 35.08 USD
      2KG ———- 24.51 USD
      3KG ———- 40.49 USD
      4KG ———- 48.59 USD

      • se o peso for menor que 0.5 Kg, ainda custa 9.67 USD ??

        • no it will cost less, chinapost charges per 0.1kg, so if package weight is less price will be less. we just mentioned few weights prices. for delayed pricing you can ask our staff on msn chat and gmail chat.
          thank you

  14. Receberam meus produtos?
    Thank you

  15. I paid my orders on 23 Dec/2011 … I didn’t receive my orders yet, and I can’t tracking these tracking numbers:


    I’m very angry to gullei!!

    • Dear Wislen

      We have just sent you an email again about these packages, please check your email, incase you dont see our email then please check your junkmail box. thank you

    • I sent you two messages, but no answer from you after my payment on 10 February. What caused this delay?

    • Friend, I sent you a message with my address in your email, you can now send the backpack. The shipping of the backpack will be separated from the shoe. Then tell me, what amount of money I still have with you, ok? Remembering that I sent $ 150.00 via paypal. Answer me on my email too, ok?

    • Friend, I sent four tennis links in your email, then you question the size of tennis with the sellers, ok? Thank you!

  16. I have to negotiate with enteresse gullei.Como do?

  17. Por favor, gostaria de saber o endereço pelo qual voces enviam os produto para mim (endereço do remetente), e qual nome que voces usam para enviar, porque quando os correios(serviço de entrega de meu pais), veio entrega o pedido em minha residencia eu não estava e agora eu preciso do endereço do remetente para poder retira-lo na agencia dos correios, por favor me ajudem, desde ja agradeço.

  18. dear, i didnt received the e-mail of activation im sure my e-mails is typed correct and receiving e-mail normaly.. can u help me.

  19. when i try to activate my account it says enter valid key to activate…i havnt recieved any activation ke……what is the activation key

    • Dear Ketsi
      I have activated your account, once you create an account it needs our staff acceptance, we first check if user opened account for spam purpose or a real customer then we activate account. please check your account its activated now.
      thank you

  20. Hi still waiting for a letter from you some information about my order from 30.01

    • your order still not received, once it will receive then we will email you final payment and pictures of your items. thank you 🙂

      • but can you tell me how much time arrives when you order now passed since 7 days

        • Dear Nina
          normally it wont take so many days, but as you know local shipping companies started working from 1st february after spring festival holidays, and taobao sellers back on same day too, so they had many orders to ship, that is why they are slow these days. once your items will receive we will inform you.
          thank you


  22. bom dia. Ja enviei 2 emails e nao obtive nenhuma resposta. Preciso de 55 placas da pastilha de vidro do modelo HL011. Gostaria de saber o valor total e como faço o pagamento pelo paypal? obrigada

    • Dear Eliana
      Already replied to you, please check your email. delay in reply was because taobao seller was offline due to festival holidays.
      thank you

  23. Olá, I made my request and sent the products to form ORDER@GULLEITAOBAOAGENT.COM, however still not getting answers, have any problem if I ask again and send it to you guys?
    And just a curiosity, what is the difference, between sending email to ********** @ and


    • Hello. We have here china spring festival holidays till 28 january 2012. all taobao sellers, shipping companies and our staff is on holidays. after holidays we will send invoice to you.

      please send orderform to
      other email address is not ours 🙂

      Thank you

      • I sent an email with the order form more or less a month ago, and got no response. Sending back?

        • Dear Killye
          Please check your email we have replied you, sorry for delayed response because we had here china spring festival holidays, so all taobao sellers were offline, so we could not ask if items in stock or not.

          Thank you

  24. Please quote the purchase of your product and the seller of this item is safe.
    The version would be the Motorola V8 Gold 2GB at a cost of 650.

    Please quote the purchase of your product and the seller of this item is safe.
    The version would be the Motorola V8 Gold 2GB at a cost of 650.


    • We live in Brazil and shipping it is preferable for Airmail or CHINAPOST.


      We live in Brazil and the sending by Airmail or ChinaPost preferable.

    • right now we have here china spring festival holidays till 28 january 2012, please fill our orderform and email us at . after holidays we will send you an invoice. thank you

  25. Hi can you tell me I want to place an order by TaoBao , Can I izpolzzham zhashata services company and how tova.Predvaritelno thank EI

    • Съжалявам, които корабната компания е това? “Izpolzzham zhashata”

  26. Hello I want to ask about how I would go to supply Bulgaria and in what form to write about “Shipping Method” what would be the cheapest ? Thank you in advance

  27. hello,

    I would like to buy a Burberry jacket from Taobao, the jacket costs 1180 Yuan and I was wondering how much it would cost me if i sent it with DHL in dollars and in how many days ill receive the item?

    Thank you.

    • Why don’t you try China-post airmail, small package ? It is much cheaper. I always use it.

      • Dear Kees
        We offer Chinapost airmail small package too, but these days chinapost increased shipping charges for airmail and ems, that is why all shipping companies are on strike against chinapost. So for next few days we are not offering chinapost registered airmail and ems service.

        right now we are shipping through hkpost, sal and lcl. As soon as chinapost registered airmail prices will reduce we will start offering that service too. if you want to use chinapost registered airmail even now then you will have to pay official shipping charges.

        Thank you

        • And what abut Singapore airmail for small parcels, which cost much less than Chinese airmail at this mment and is also faster than Chinese airmail ?

          • Dear Kees
            right now only about 10 days left for china spring festival holidays, so many factories already stopped working and taobao shops and shipping companies will stop working soon. That is why currently as emergency shipping of packages without any trouble we are using sal and hkpost. after spring festival we will offer singapore airmail too.

            for now you can use SAL, its delivery speed is same like chinapost and price is cheaper too.

            For further information you can ask our livesupport through below ids.
            MSN Chat:

            Email to:

  28. how do I send payment to you? thank you.

    • if you want to make payment then please email us, then our staff will send you paypal request.
      Thank you

  29. I would like to know how to buy shoes from china, since the sizes are different from the size of Brazil.

  30. I sent an email with the application form, I'm awaiting response.

  31. Hello , I want this beyblade paga.Quanto think it will take time to get back in stock ?
    Silvana Henrique


    • Dear Gilmer
      we had replied to your email within an hour.
      please check your junkmail. we have forwarded you email again.
      Thank you

    • Hello I made one more request. I'm waiting for the answer. how do I send money to you. thank you.

  33. Hello,
    On 01/12 I sent a payment via paypal bayblade.Gostaria whether the supplier has not sent to you.
    silvana henry

  34. Wave,
    and enviei 2 email's for you guys and
    not get an answer.
    I wonder if you guys have already sent my


    • Dear Raquel
      yes we have already shipped your package, we had emailed you before but i guess our email went in your junkmail. please check your email, we have sent you an email again.
      thank you

  35. I'm waiting for a response , HP printheads 88 I'm waiting for the shipment to Brazil, more than 01 weeks of purchase ,

    • Dear Joao

      today evening we received your item, our staff will pack and take pictures then tomorrow we will send you weight, pictures and tracking number. thank you

  36. Hello still awaiting a response about my delivery, thank you.

    • Dear Anderson we have already replied you please check your email. thank you

      • you guys sent me an email with no response, in my paypal account does not have any charge in connection with sending rate of payment order in question, I would like to know is when will I receive my order since it was paid via paypal?And if you still need to pay the shipping charge this order as I paid for it?, since we do not have any paypal in charge this fee. Thank you.

  37. I paid with the first 8 items . In the email I received to make the second part of the payment is missing an item that is already paid . What should I do?

  38. I have a sent package from you and I want to know what is its tracking number.

  39. Hi,
    I would like a quote with the total price on the product below: 3 Home of Kevin Prince Boateng . These items should be shipped in Lecce (Italy).


  40. I would like to know when my order arrives.


  41. good afternoon
    I live in Brazil.
    I need to buy five V5 Hanlin eReader (
    Each unit costs $ 99 dollars. Each unit weighs 168g.
    You can make the purchase for me and send it to Brazil?
    What is the final value that I will pay?

    thank you

  42. Wave,
    made a payment day 11/11, I wonder what happens now.?

    • Dear Raquel
      Your package still not received. these days few parts of china already have snowfall, so local shipping companies are very slow. on monday we will receive your package.
      thank you

  43. good night,
    I usually search the ****. com.. Can I ? or would you use Taobao normal? querendo algo posso enviar meu pedido a vcs para que me enviem o valor do orçamento? desculpa, but it is the first time I buy this site.

  44. Hi, i’ve a couple of questions.
    can you please advise on the credibility and quality of this item?
    And if i want to purchase this with the fastest shipping method(perhaps DHL), how much will it cost, and how long to get my product? Will it be sent to my doorstep?

    • Dear Pang
      This seller is reliable, quality of this coat will be normal, its a replica of zara brand.
      replica item can not be shipped by dhl, it can only be shipped by ems and registered airmail.
      please download orderform from mainpage of our website, fill it and email us at , then our staff will send you an invoice, and will tell you estimated amount for shipment to your country too.

      thank you

  45. I have some products on taobao sites, and tmall aliexpress natal.Como I need to do I do? In aliexpress some have free shipping. I already have registration on paypal.
    A hug,

  46. I already sent the information to email suggested.
    I look back,

  47. Hello Team Gullei,
    I have a gift shop and wonder if I can make purchases through the wholesale Gulli.
    I look back,

  48. One more question. Are you working only with Paypal? What about Western union?

  49. Hi!I want to buy these shoes, but my number is not available in the table. № 40 or № 41 (25.5 cm.)
    Second option is
    Would you please check which model is available this size-25.5 cm and can you order them for me!

  50. como fazer efetuar pagamento paypal, vocês mandam pedido?
    estou vários dias tentando pagar minha ordem e não consigo.
    por favor, podem me falar com clareza, como proceder.
    1 fazer ordem
    2 aguardar ordem com preço
    3??????? como fazer pagamento paypal???????

    • Dear Garrido

      please read instructions on main page of
      and follow the instructions to place an order, once we receive an orderform, then we will email you invoice, then you can decide to pay or not. if you want to pay then please inform us through email then we will send you paypal request. you can also pay by bank transfer, moneygram and western union.

      Thank you

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