Q) How much commission you charge for purchasing from taobao and other secure china online shopping stores?
A) Gullei Taobao Service fee is normally 10% of items price + local shipping charges. Please see below our detailed services fee:
(Commission) —————————— (Order Amount)
3.00 USD ———————————— 1 USD – 54 USD
9% ——————————————— 55 USD – 399 USD
8% ——————————————–— 400 USD – 799 USD
7% ——————————————–— 800 USD – 1999 USD
6% ——————————————–— 2000 USD – Above

Q) Can you take pictures of my items so that I know what it looks like before having the package shipped to me?
A) Yes. We can take pictures of items before shipping, depending on orders workload. Gullei has the right to accept or reject taking pictures of items due to peak orders season or staff unavailibility. There will be additional cost charged for pictures in peak orders season.

Q) Which payment methods do you accept?
A) We accept payment via any online payment methods including Paypal, Moneybookers, Western Union, Moneygram and Bank Transfer.

Q) If I got to transfer you money, what currency should it be?
A) Through online payments currency automatically get converted to US Dollars, so you can pay through any currency. Also for moneygram and western union you can pay in your country’s currency and we will receive in RMB.
Note: If you pay in currency other than US Dollars, then please check currency rate through this website: http://www.xe.com/ucc/

Q) Can you ship to my country?
A) We offer worldwide shipping service.

Q) Which shipping methods Gullei offers?
A) We can ship by Registered Airmail, Airmail Big Package, EMS, DHL, TNT, SAL, LCL and Containers.
(We provide Tracking Numbers for all our Shipping Methods)

Q) Can you tell me the Total Cost of my order including International Shipping?
A) No, we can not tell Final Cost until we receive item and we weigh it. Due to this reason we charge payments in 2 installments.
First Installment: Customer pays Items Price + Local shipping Charges + Our Commission.
Final Installment: Customer pays International Shipping Charges.

Q) When can I get my package?
A) Once we buy an item from china store, it reaches us in 2 – 4 days. As soon as we receive item we pack it, take pictures (if necessary or requested by customer) and weigh it on same day. Then international shipping time depends on which shipping method you choose. Registered Airmail takes 11 – 21 days, EMS 7 – 14 days, DHL/TNT 3 – 5 days, SAL 19 – 35 days, LCL/Container delivery time depends on country/port.

Q) I buy bulk items from the same seller, how much will be the local shipping charges?
A) The fees are charged according to the items weight and seller’s location, although buying from same seller will reduce local delivery charges.

Q) Is there any minimum order I must get?
A) No. You can buy even a single item and of any amount.

Q) If some items or the package confiscation or disposal of items by custom due to violation of import/export law. How to solve this problem?
A) Till now none of our package get confiscated by customs, but in most countries EMS packages get taxed, so Gullei will not be responsible for any kind of package seizure or payment of tax on packages. We always mark packages as a Gift or Sample and for Famous Brands Replica items especially shoes or watches we recommend our customers to ship without original box so that to avoid taxes. Gullei is cooperating with China Post due to which our packages confiscation rate is zero till now.

Q) If I didn’t get my package, what should I do?
A) We provide Tracking Number for all packages. If your package is in your country for many days and not delivered to you, then please call your local office of shipping service and get status of your package. If the package is lost or sent back to China, please inform us immediately.

Q) On Which site can I purchase?
A) Gullei can purchase from www.taobao.com, www.alibaba.com, www.paipai.com, www.eachnet.com, www.dangdang.com, 360buy.com, vancl.com and all other Chinese online stores that offers secure payment methods.

Q) Can you help me in getting reliable seller or good quality product?
A) Whenever our customer places an order, our staff first checks if sellers that you chose are Reliable or not then we make invoice, incase seller is not reliable then we suggest our customers to choose other seller (Please note that we will not be responsible for any problem in item quality from the seller you have chosen, also for some countries people quality standard is different then other countries, basically you can figureout quality of item from the price of item, very cheap item will have low quality compared to expensive one).

Q) I am a loyal customer of Gullei, any discounts for me?
A) Gullei always offers free gifts and Special Discounts to Loyal Customers based on their orders quantity and occasion.

Q) Do you guarantee the quality of items I bought?
A) We mostly warn our customers if they choose some very bad quality items. You can also get an idea of quality of item by looking at price of an item, if price of an item is extremely low then most probably it will be a worse quality product.