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  • Profile picture of Gullei Gullei said 6 years, 9 months ago:

    Please see below, step by step process of Gullei Taobao Service:

    1. Fill Order Form and mention Taobao Product link, Quantity, Product Size, Color and your shipping information and Email OrderForm to: ORDER@GULLEITAOBAOAGENT.COM

    2. After receiving the OrderForm our Staff will check if items are In Stock or not and whether the seller is reliable or not, then we will send an Invoice to you, so that you can make payment. After we receive payment, we buy items and keep you updated via emails.

    3. After receiving the items we will weigh products, take pictures, and tell you the Total Shipping Charges, then you will pay for Shipping Charges. Finally, we will send your packages and provide you the Tracking Number.

    For More Information:
    Order Form Download Link:

    Automatic Shipping Rates Calculation Sheet:
    (Select your Country from List and put weight in Kilograms and this sheet will automatically calculate Shipping Charges to your Country)

    MSN Chat Online Help: GULLEI@LIVE.COM
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    Approximate weight of goods

    Men’s things:

    T-shirt – 150-200 gr.
    Shirt – 200 gr.
    Jacket – 500-600 gr.
    Cardigan – 400 gr.
    Jeans – 600 gr.
    Pants – 500 gr.
    Shorts – 300-500 gr.
    Tracksuit – 700 gr.
    Winter jacket – 750-1000 gr.
    Shoes – 700 gr.
    Trainers – 600 gr.
    Sneakers – 800 gr.
    Shales Leather – 500 gr.
    Shoes – 950 gr

    Women’s things:

    T-shirt – 150-200 gr.
    Shirt – 150-200 gr.
    Dress – 200-400 gr.
    Skirt – 300-400 gr.
    Jacket – 450 gr.
    Cardigan – 400 gr.
    Jeans – 500 gr.
    Trousers – 300-400 gr.
    Shorts – 300 gr.
    Tracksuit – 500-600 gr.
    Winter jacket – 650-1000 gr.
    Shoes – 500-600gr.
    Sandals – 450-500 gr.
    Sneakers – 400-500 gr.
    Sneakers – 600 gr.
    Boots – 750 gr.
    Swimsuit – 200-400 gr.


    Bag Leather – 600-800gr.
    Purse – 300-400 gr.
    Belt – 150-200 gr.

    Packing – 150 gm.

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