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by Gullei

Moneybookers is an another reliable way for taobao agent payments

March 28, 2013 in Blog

Paypal has been for a long time most favorite online payment method, but it still do not offer service in many countries. Also requirement of verification and payment through credit card makes it hard for many people who want to use it.

Now is becoming an alternative for paypal with its lower fees, service availability in even those countries which paypal do not support, and especially for those who do not have credit card. Moneybookers is getting popular in many countries like russia, brazil, spain, india and many other countries.

You can create a moneybookers account within a minute and can start uploading money directly from your bank account. Along with bank account you can also make payments through credit/debit cards, echeck and even many country’s local debit cards. Moneybookers also provide same level of security to buyer and seller against fraud.

We have already large number of customers using moneybookers to send us money and never had any issues with payments. For our taobao agent service we are suggesting you to start using moneybookers to send us money to avail low fees compared to other payment methods. You can add funds to your moneybookers account for free.

Take a look at moneybookers fee:

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