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by Gullei

11-11-2011 China Single’s Day 50% Discount on Tmall

November 9, 2012 in Blog

Like last year, this year china is celebrating Single’s day too. Means on 11-11-2012 china’s biggest online marketplace’s sellers will be offering 50% discount on products. We are sharing with you links of top selling categories on which 50% discount will be given.

Do note that 50% discount will be offered only on 11 November, 2012. So if you want to buy products then place your order now so that we can book your product in advance and then we purchase it on 11th november 2012.

If you want to purchase products with 50% discount then please mention it in your order that you need this product only with discounted price, so that we do not purchase your order before or after 11th november.

Here are list some of top categories that will have 50% discount on 11-11-2012:


Ladies Clothes

Men Clothing


Leisure Clothes

Branded Shoes

Sports and outdoor

Jewelry and Watches

Car Accessories

More special discounts:

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